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Javier Chércoles Blázquez

Javier Chércoles Blázquez



2013                              YEE TUNG.- Human and Labor Rights Board Advisor. (Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Jordan)

2013                              Head of Peace Analysis and Construction Unit (Andres Bello University, Caracas, Venezuela)

2013/12.                    DONATIONA AND TRANSPLANT FOUNDATION (DTI) (Barcelona and Madrid, Spain)

2012/11.                    ESADE University (Barcelona, Spain).- Ph.D Disertation (Summa Cum Laude) – Navigating into the Spiders Web – supervised by  Dr. Mohamed Yunus (Nobel Peace Laureate 2006)

2012/11.                    Deusto (Bilbao, Spain), Dhaka (Bangladesh) and ESADE.- Visitor Professor.

2010/00.                    INDITEX.- Global Strategic and Suatainability Diresctor (reporting to Mr. Amancio Ortega Gaona, President) with the following functions performed in the implementation of INDITEX´ s sustainable business model by the following five families of stakeholder:


SHAREHOLDERS.- (i) Developing formal communication channels with most relevant financial global markets (FTS4Good and DJ); (ii) elaborating Sustainability Annual Reports (2010-2000) (GRI 3 y 4); designing internal Codes to prevent bribery and corruption; (iii) designing, building and managing its Social Board as a “buffer” to, first, accumulate Trust between Civil Society representatives, domestic and international Trade Unions, Universities and other Social Agents, and second supervise adequate implementation of the corporate commitments made after INDITEX´ s Board approved its Codes.

SUPPLIERS.-              (i) Developing INDITEX´ Code of Conduct of External Manufacturers and Suppliers; (ii) inviting them to participate in its implementation process through the Clusters: a corporate multi-stakeholder tool designed to: (a) rationalize the Supply Chain (factory number/quality); (b) implement its corporate product standards of Health and Safety and (c) gradually implement the “Decent Work” ILO caption.

UNIVERSITIES.-       (i) in the North, developing jointly INDITEX Santiago de Compostela University (Santigo, Spain) and Northumbria University, its corporate Health and Safety Standards, Quality and Human Rights in conformity with more demanding International legal  requirements and (ii) in the South, inviting Dhaka University (Bangladesh), IFT (India), UCAB (Caracas, Venezuela) and  Ruiz de Montoya (Lima, Peru) to adapt them into those complex scenarios where INDITEX outsourced its activities.

TRADE UNIONS.-     Designing and implementing International Framework Agreements (IFAs) signed between INDITEX and International Trade Garments Workers and Leather Federation (ITGLWF) and  UNI to foster the ILO´ s caption of “decent work” and, simultaneously, develop “mature industrial relations” among traditionally confronted or disconnected stakeholders

CLIENTS.-                    Developing awareness campaigns to promote Healthy Lifestyle and Women’s Cancer Prevention. Specific breast cancer prevention campaigns in stores (more than 5000) which make up INDITEX’ s eight formats.

CIVIL Society.-         Participating actively in “international dialogue platform” (Ethical Trading Initiative (London, UK), BSCI (Brussels, Belgium) y Multifiber Agreement Forums (Washington (USA) and London (UK)).

2000-1996.               PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS.- Principal. Director of Corporate Reputation Department at Madrid (Spain) and managing reputation engagements with the following global corporations: BP, The Gap, Inc, Wall Mart, Sara Lee, Timberland y Disney, among others.

1996-1991.               COOPERS & LYBRAND.- Senior Manager. Corporate Finance (IPO Fillings NY SEC), Audit and Strategic Departments (Madrid (Spain), New York (USA) and London (UK).

1991-1986.               TOUCHE ROSS (1986-1991).- Manager. Assurance Division (Madrid (Spain) and London, UK)


2009. Civil Merit Medal awarded by HM King Don Juan Carlos I, for contribution to the promotion and protection of Fundamental Human and Labour Rights in Bangladesh (2009).

2009-2007.   Board Member of the following International Dialogue Platform: Ethical Trading Initiative. (London, RU) and Multi Fibber Agreement Forum Initiative (London, UK).

2006-2003.   First President of UN Global Compact in Spain.

2005-2011.   Honorary Moroccan Consul in Galicia awarded by HM King Mohamed VI, in appreciation for contribution to the standardization of the Moroccan textile sector

  1. Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Caribbean (ICAC 1988)



2012-2001.     Ph.D (Cum Laude) at ESADE University (Barcelona, Spain):, entitled: Navigating in the Spider Web.

2012-2001.     ESADE (Barcelona, Spain): Visitor Professor. Corporate Social Responsibility implementation models (CSR) for textile, mining and telecommunication industries

2011-2007.     NORTHUMBRIA UNIVERSITY (Newcastle, UK): Architect and Director of  INDITEX’ s Human Rights Chair.

2009-2010.       DHAKA UNIVERSITY (BANGLADESH). Architect and Director of  INDITEX’ s Human Rights Chair an active visitor professor at Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies(IDMVS);

2010-2008.     NIFT (Delhi, India).- Visitor Professor.- Implementing sustainable business models in the complex realities of LDCs

 2010-2009.-    UNIVERSITY ANTONIO RUIZ DE MONTOYA (Lima, Peru) Developing CSR models from the Human Rights’ perspective.

  1. GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY.- Visitor professor: Implementation of sustainable CSR models.
  1. 2008. HARVARD UNIVERSITY.- Implementation of sustainable CSR models
  1. UNIVERSIDAD CATOLICA ANDRÉS BELLO (Caracas, Venezuela): Building trust networks through complex textile production chains;


1987-1982.    UNIVERSIDAD COMPLUTENSE (Madrid, Spain).- Bachelor´ s degree in Economics                 and Business Sciences.

1991-1984.     UNED – Bachelor´ s degree in Law

  1. CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.- Visitor Researcher.
  2. COOPERS & LYBRAND. American CPA courses (New York 1992-1995).
  3. Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Spanish ICAC.



  • Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) consulting team member for the design of sustainable intervention strategies in refugee camps in the following geographical areas: (i) East Africa: Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Congo and (ii) Latin America.
  • Programs targeted at building trust networks in refugee camps: Burundi (August 2010) and Congo.
  • Member of the Spanish Organ Transplantation Committee.